Gas Shortage in Middle Tennessee??

Why does it appear that only some gas locations in Middle TN are short on or completely out of gas? There also seems to be more gas on the north side of Nashville verses the south side according to some news sources. Why is this? They say that Middle TN pipeline comes directly from Houston and it’s coming, it’s just slow. Memphis and north of Tennessee so it was reported seems to have plently of gas. So why the shortage around Nashville? People are lined up waiting to get into the stations that still have gas. Is it, that most of the people in the lines are just topping off, or all those people on empty? My husband and I are trying conserve gas in our tanks by not going places we really don’t need to go and combining trips to places we do need to make. We all have to get to work and the news said stations won’t be receiving gas until the middle of next week. I know there is a tanker downtown in the river ready to unload fuel but as of today, I don’t think that has started. I’m just curious if this has effected anyone else in Tennessee other than the Nashville area, or any other state having any shortages since the hurricane. Any feedback?