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What are you drinking? Toxins in our water supply

In March 2008, a report on CNN gave us the disturbing news that drinking water in many communities was contaminated with an array of prescription medications. This concerns us at TriVita because we recognize that drinking pure water is an Essential of health. In light of this disturbing report, how are we to protect ourselves and nurture our wellness? Where can we find safe water?Medications must be metabolized by the liver and other detoxification organs in order to be used by the patient. These drugs are then excreted through the urine. They are then available to percolate down into the water supply which may have an impact on our health. Common drugs that are detected in our water include antibiotics, birth control hormones and antidepressants.

Protecting ourselves – and getting clean water
There are many opinions about just how hazardous these drugs are to our health. Certainly, the amounts are very, very small compared to prescription strength medications. Just as certain, humans were never meant to drink drug-contaminated water. We need pure water for nutrient transport and detoxification. How we get that pure, clean water is surprisingly simple. Continue reading