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Hollywood Pokes Fun at the Left

Well, it’s about time some balance came out of Hollywood. Slowly, but hopefully surely, it seems that lately more conservative actors are coming out of the woodwork, like John Voight and Janine Turner. I hope this will encourage more to come forth to show that the bleeding liberals aren’t the only ones that give Hollywood a voice. The more that do come forward the more support there will be for them, I believe. This is a new movie fixing to come out called “An American Carol” by David Zucker who directed “Airplane” and “The Naked Gun”. He turnes his sights on “Anti-Americanism”. I hope this movie will be a national block buster success. I plan to see it. I hope you will too.

by Stephen F. Hayes

The set jumps to life. Two young men–both terrorists–enter the station. They are surprised to see a security checkpoint manned by two NYPD officers. “I’ll need to see your bag, please,” says one of the officers. The lead terrorist glances nervously at his friend and swings his backpack down from his shoulder to present it to the cops. Just as the officer pulls on the zipper, however, a small army of ACLU lawyers marches up to the policemen with a stop-search order. The cops look at each other and shrug their shoulders. “This says we can’t search their bags.”

The young men are relieved. They smile fiendishly as they walk toward the crowded platform. As the lead terrorist once again slips the backpack over his shoulder, he mutters his appreciation.

“Thank Allah for the ACLU.”

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