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To show how people have a lack of knowledge of why they are supporting Obama or even McCain, Sal from the Howard Stern show went into Harlem and asked people on the streets who they were voting for. What he did was, he took McCain’s policies (pro-life and keeping our troops in the Middle East) and pretended they were Obama’s as well as asking if they had a problem with Sarah Palin being Obama’s vice-president.
All people interviewed agreed with these policies after saying they supported Obama and they also liked Sarah Palin as his VP. Continue reading

Biden Loses Obama the Catholic Vote

I love it. He reminds me of Kerry, always sticking his foot in his mouth. You go, Joe!

Joe Biden has really put his foot in it with the Catholics
by Gerald Warner

More, as promised, on Senator Joe Biden (why should Sarah Palin get all the coverage?). Remember, you read it here first: on September 11 this blog reported a mounting backlash from Catholic bishops against Biden, Barack Obama’s “Catholic” pro-abortion running mate. At that time I estimated eight bishops had come out to denounce Biden; the total is now 55. Beyond that, Biden is being trashed across every state of the Union by Catholic newspapers, TV and radio stations, and blogs. It is a tsunami of rejection.

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