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October Surprise

In the first video below is the lawyer (lifelong democrat) that is suing Obama in Federal Court (filed August 21st) to produce his original birth certificate. He explains in detail the status of the court case.
All the other videos under the first one, are all regarding the copy (of the birth certificate) uploaded on his website and prove it is a fake.
Some people just don’t understand the big deal about this birth certificate, but the issue and/or question is, “Is he legally qualified to be, not just a Senator, but President of the United States?
A lot of you are voting for him, don’t you want to know in your heart that he is qualified legally?
The Lawyer Who Filed the Lawsuit to Force Obama to Produce Original BC:
The DNC and Obama file a motion to dismiss the case:
Suit Filed to Have Obama Removed From Ballot:
Radio Interview with the lawyer:

Obama has been Kenyan since 1963 and Never Denounced It:

Fraud Proof:
Obama’s Copy Compare to Authentic One From Hawaii: