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What are you drinking? Toxins in our water supply

In March 2008, a report on CNN gave us the disturbing news that drinking water in many communities was contaminated with an array of prescription medications. This concerns us at TriVita because we recognize that drinking pure water is an Essential of health. In light of this disturbing report, how are we to protect ourselves and nurture our wellness? Where can we find safe water?Medications must be metabolized by the liver and other detoxification organs in order to be used by the patient. These drugs are then excreted through the urine. They are then available to percolate down into the water supply which may have an impact on our health. Common drugs that are detected in our water include antibiotics, birth control hormones and antidepressants.

Protecting ourselves – and getting clean water
There are many opinions about just how hazardous these drugs are to our health. Certainly, the amounts are very, very small compared to prescription strength medications. Just as certain, humans were never meant to drink drug-contaminated water. We need pure water for nutrient transport and detoxification. How we get that pure, clean water is surprisingly simple.

  • Insulation
    Our digestive system is remarkably sensitive to contamination. It is a barrier that protects us from toxins when it is functioning properly. We can insulate ourselves from medications in the water supply by increasing the efficiency of our digestion. Eating foods and using supplements containing special short-chain fibers will increase the ability of our system to “barrier protect” us from water contaminants. A major problem with short-chain fiber is that it is found in foods with a bitter taste – chicory and Jerusalem artichokes are good examples. The solution to this problem is found in supplements such as Digestive Complex.

Another special protective supplement is Non-Acidic Vitamin C Crystals. Even a small amount, such as a teaspoon in a quart of water, will increase protection from waterborne toxins. Other foods and supplements that reduce stress and improve digestion will also help insulate us from toxins.

  • Isolation
    Isolation from drugs in the water is a bit more difficult. Tap water is a problem and bottled water is no solution (it is usually taken from municipal tap-water sources anyway). Bottled water taken from sources specified as pristine and uncontaminated are a good alternative; be wary and use common sense in selecting these products.
  • One effective way of removing medications from the water is by using inexpensive carbon block or carbon granular filters. More expensive reverse osmosis and distillation units are less effective at removing drugs, though they are certainly more effective at removing other contaminants.

    We need water to live, to deliver nutrients to our cells, and to detoxify our bodies. A tragedy of our times is that our water supply is contaminated with medical waste in the form of prescription drugs. Insulating ourselves with nutrients should be our primary concern. Isolating ourselves from water contamination is also very important.

    With nutrients and nurturing we can often reduce the need for medications. And reducing the need for drugs in our bodies is the first step toward reducing the drugs in our water!

    Take Control of Your Health

    • Deep breathing may reduce the need for:
      • Anxiety medications
      • Blood pressure medications
    • Peaceful sleep may reduce the need for:
      • Antibiotics
      • Antiviral medications
    • Eating nutritiously may reduce the need for:
      • Lipid control medications
      • Digestion control medications
      • Many other medications
    • Activity for 30 minutes daily may reduce the need for:
      • Antidepressants
      • Blood sugar control medications
      • Many other medications
    • Use Digestive Complex as a source of protective fiber
    • Use antioxidants, such as Adaptogen 10 Plus and NutraFruits
    • Add Vitamin C Crystals to your bottled water


    Source of the problem
    How did our water supply become contaminated? One way this can happen is by people flushing unused prescriptions down the toilet. These drugs end up in wastewater treatment plants, where they may percolate down into the water table over time. However, unused drugs are a minor source of watershed contamination. A major source of contamination comes from the medications people actually take.


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