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To show how people have a lack of knowledge of why they are supporting Obama or even McCain, Sal from the Howard Stern show went into Harlem and asked people on the streets who they were voting for. What he did was, he took McCain’s policies (pro-life and keeping our troops in the Middle East) and pretended they were Obama’s as well as asking if they had a problem with Sarah Palin being Obama’s vice-president.
All people interviewed agreed with these policies after saying they supported Obama and they also liked Sarah Palin as his VP.
He found one McCain supporter and Sal did the opposite with him and pretended Obama’s policies (pro-choice and pulling troops out) were McCain’s as well as Joe Biden being his VP pick and the guy agreed.
If this “lack of knowledge” is true in Harlem, how many other cities across the nation have people voting on false-based knowledge. These are the majority of people, it seems across the nation, that are going to decide our next president.
I personally don’t like Howard Stern and am not sending this as a promotion or trying to draw people to listen to him, but in this case, he finally did something that made sense. He exposed something here that people need to know about. So a warning comes with this about his language as I’m sure you already know. Worth listening to however.

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